Posting now working at The Sooty Diaries!

04 June, 2009

Thanks to Twitter anipal @HotMBC I am now able to accept comments for Sooty - Thank you! Apparently, you have to have comments set to 'open in new page' or set to 'pop up'. Once I changed this @HotMBC tried and was successful in making a comment. So, we are now open for business.

UPDATE - Sooty 4th June 2009.

Sooty has eaten today chicken and a little bit of mince, not huge amounts as I think she is going through a low patch after being bright. She heads out for a blood test Monday 8 a.m. It is sunny but she has not wanted to go outside.

4 Responses to "Posting now working at The Sooty Diaries!"

Selena K Says:

Sending purrs and hugs your way!

Morris Says:

My hooman grannie has low times during her chemo too - she gets one dose every 4 weeks and says third week is her worst for tiredness. She can hardly manage a 5 minute walk then. I hope Sooty feels a lot brighter soon, and I send her gentle nosetaps and healing purrs!

The Creek Cats Says:

So glad the comments are working now! We've tried to post for days!

We are sending Sooty positive vibes!

Mishkat Says:

Just wanted to let you know that we can comments now - thanks! We are purring for Sooty here!