First Chemo Update - 4 days on 3 weeks off

03 June, 2009

TODAY:- Sooty is OK, her spark is taking a bit of a dip and I think the chemo has something to do with it. She ate some mince and some raw chicken - no she won't eat it cooked - believe it I cooked free-range chicken and STILL she won't eat it.

We have been persistent and now she eats a bit.

I aim to publish links to some of the information I found thanks to friends on the net but the one thing I will say RIGHT NOW is - if your cat is diagnosed with lumps like Sooty was - GET A REFERRAL. Thanks to the persistence of two particular people, to whom I am profoundly grateful, Crochetkitten who has a kitty blog, and @WineCountryDog (from Twitter) I found I COULD have Sooty referred.

This had not occurred to me!! PLEASE remember that there is treatment!!

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