10th June - Patience

10 June, 2009

The Maxolon (anti nausea) seem to have had an effect. I only gave 1/2 a tablet once and Sooty has perked up considerably. From only eating chopped up raw chicken and a bit of minced meat she has moved on to a tiny bit of dried and the more strongly smelling food sachets called Whskrs Oh So Fishy.

She now spends a lot of time in her new bolt hole which is the airing cupboard - so we leave the door ajar and she comes out to demand feeding at regular intervals but is able to rest away from the more boisterous members of the cat family.

One important thing I have learned that I want to pass on.


Your cat may not seem to want to eat when you place a bowl in front of them. Don't just put it down and leave them to it - please, please, please - encourage, speak gentle words and above all wait as you might need to count slowly up to 30 or more before kitty decides to take a bit. Kneel down with kitty - get down on their level with them, make them feel comfortable, and wait.

If after a long time your cat just isn't taking the bait - retreat and try again another time. Be patient - they feel rotten on chemo, they need all your help and encouragement.

2 Responses to "10th June - Patience"

Meghann Says:

Poor Sooty, I am glad the anti-nauseant is helping :)

silkenpaw Says:

What I do with my IBD cat is take the food to him when he is resting. Usually he will eat some, even though he wouldn't have gotten up to go to it. Sometimes I'll pick him up and bring _him_ to the food.