Improvement and eating a bit more.

30 June, 2009

I spent the day working at the University and left late so Paul beat me home to be greeted at the door by Sooty, and Dash Kitten. Sooty was hungry enough to enjoy most of a steroid dose without knowing it - yes!! (punches the air).

She was very perky for a while and pleased to see us. She has now gone into rest mode but still seems happy.

Her wellness, or not seems to come in waves - sometimes up sometimes down. We have to keep alert to changes so we can anticipate when we might have to give her an anti nausea tablet (we do not give these regularly - using them only when needed).

Currently she is resting, laid quietly on one of the kitty condo shelves, on her side. She is a good girl.


Flaky moments

28 June, 2009

Sooty has been doing a bit of shouting tonight. Like she is worried or slightly flaky. It's very upsetting as she looks very thin. I am gong to take her to the vet to see if the blood tests show OK and to see if she is making headway or we are just deluding ourselves. I got an anti nausea tablet down her earlier so she is eating small amounts.

A real low point for me.


Post Chemo Report 2nd Chemo

25 June, 2009


Sooty finished her second round of chemo and after a couple of days give us a difficult night - she could not settle, was absolutely everywhere, up, down, on, under, in.... Until Paul went nuts and I put her in the second bedroom with a clean litter tray, fresh good and some water.

The following day, both of us half-dead with fatigue, struggled through work and home for an early night. We found Sooty much perkier, still subdued but ready to eat heaps of gracy, some meat and two whole prawns an inch or more long apiece.

Conclusion on Chemo : Two days after she stops the round she becomes very uncomfortable. We must be prepared for this next round. The anti nausea tablets take a while to kick in but are a big help and not feeding Sooty for some hours means she is hungry enough to polish off food with the steroid tablet in it.


Unwell Tuesday

23 June, 2009

Sooty is not feeling very well at the moment, she has been up on the dinner table having abit of food, wandering around in a hopelessly distrait way, looking totally lost. I have tempted her with bacon some of which went down then she left it, came back, ignored it....

She has had one half on an anti-nausea tablet but this has not had much effect, as yet. She is so very thin - but stil has her sparkle and a shiny cold nose.

Not sure if she will settle, I hope so.


Current Chemo Over

Sooty is still eating but seems very very thin to me. I will make the appointment for her blood test but I am not happy as she seems so very thin.

We will have to see if the chemo is having any effect. I honestly don't know at the moment.


Second Chemo Round Over

22 June, 2009

Sooty took her tablets, reluctantly, and getting the steroids down is becoming more of a challenge. But she is still here and spent some time in bed with me this morning and last night. I have a rotten cold and she snuggled up.

She is still thin and we will have to wait for the blood test to see how things are going and if the lymphoma has begun to retreat.

Sootyt is still sparky, just a bit quiet at the moment.


Second Chemo

19 June, 2009

After her first tablet Sooty came up and snuggled between us restlessly for a while. She is still hungry which is great but it is become a bit of a palaver as the pills are cytotoxic which means they can't be touched by us. Still we persevere and she is sparky and came to the door today which is great!

Second chemo tablet tonight.


Bodyweight thoughts

17 June, 2009

Something that I thought I ought to mention in case anyone checks this with their own lymphoma cat.

Sooty lost a heck of a lot of weight before she was diagnosed. She had become very thin. Now she is 1) on chemo and 2) has the anti nausea tablets she is starting to regain her appetite. This is a long slow haul but she is gradually filling out a bit.

Sometimes I think she looks heart breakingly thin, other times a bit plumper. The lesson I have learned is that rebuilding her body will take time, she may never fill out totally again BUT she still has a sparkle in her eye, a spring in her step and she is still our Sooty.

We start the second round of chemo on Thursday.


Tablet Trouble

14 June, 2009

Sooty it seems is getting better enough to fight back when we give her tablets. Tonight's steroid is still in the bowl hidden in chicken. We lost one tablet (in two halves) to soggy refusal * sigh *.


Eating improvement and Blood Test results

12 June, 2009

Sooty's blood test results came back from the vet (and he has also sent them to Dr Acke at Massey Veterinary Hospital). Sooty's white blood cell count has taken a bit of a beating but, so far, we have not heard from Dr Acke that we should change our regime of chemo therapy - so we now keep going. This result was not unexpected, from my previous reading on Lymphoma, so is not a shock or anything.

This aside Sooty in progressing in leaps and bounds. She woke us up at 5 a.m. wanting love and cuddles (oh Joy, I know. I know but I was too happy to worry about it being 5 a.m.) and she now comes all the way to the door which is just totally thrilling after her previous low periods. The anti-nausea medicine (only 1/2 a tablet has been given so far) has improved her appetite and today we ate chicken (raw) 'Oh So Fishy' sachet and a bit of gravy from Fancy Feast.

I won't say she is filling out but she is not the ghostly little figure we took to Massey. Each day is still a blessing.


10th June - Patience

10 June, 2009

The Maxolon (anti nausea) seem to have had an effect. I only gave 1/2 a tablet once and Sooty has perked up considerably. From only eating chopped up raw chicken and a bit of minced meat she has moved on to a tiny bit of dried and the more strongly smelling food sachets called Whskrs Oh So Fishy.

She now spends a lot of time in her new bolt hole which is the airing cupboard - so we leave the door ajar and she comes out to demand feeding at regular intervals but is able to rest away from the more boisterous members of the cat family.

One important thing I have learned that I want to pass on.


Your cat may not seem to want to eat when you place a bowl in front of them. Don't just put it down and leave them to it - please, please, please - encourage, speak gentle words and above all wait as you might need to count slowly up to 30 or more before kitty decides to take a bit. Kneel down with kitty - get down on their level with them, make them feel comfortable, and wait.

If after a long time your cat just isn't taking the bait - retreat and try again another time. Be patient - they feel rotten on chemo, they need all your help and encouragement.


9 April - Report and Washington DC appeal

09 June, 2009

OK so Sooty came out and grazed a bit on some food already out - and has now gone back to her billet in the airing cupboard (where stuff is put to warm). Advantages - the airing cypboard is warm and cosy and I can leave her food on the shelf. Disadvantages - I can't give an anti nausea tablet without great difficulty, unless she takes a bit of mince.

OK I go with the mince.

Secondly : I would like to pass on an appeal from SelenaK in connection with some rescue kittens.

Now I would not usually do this as this blog is a record of Sooty's progress against lymphoma BUT SelenaK has been one of the main forces in getting Sooty into the best care and medication and I wish to repay her kindness is some way.

If you are in the WASHINGTON DC area and can help care for some FIV kittens please read this. It is a personal appeal by SelenaK not an organisation.

If you are able to Cross Post this to possible people who might help - please do.


Back from the Vet - FInal Report for the Day

08 June, 2009

We now have MAXOLON - 1/4 to 1/2 tablet 1x or 2x per day as needed. This is an anti-nausea tablet which should help Sooty eat without feeling sick on days she is feeling low. Thank You to SelenaK for mentioning this. I asked the vet and I received.

REMEMBER : Chemo Cats might feel nauseous and, though hungry from the steriods, not feel like eating. Ask about anti-nausea medication when you are given the chemo tablets for your cat.

Sooty has come home and eaten some tuna in juice and SOME DRIED which she hasn't eaten for weeks now. [OK updated three hours later after it seems Sooty has hardly stopped eating.]
Her results go to Dr Acke at Massey University for her review/opinion/etc., and she will consider if any changes need to be made to the medication.


Anti Nausea Medication

07 June, 2009

I don't expect you to read all the comments on the posts, so you might not have seen the one from SelenaK below where she passes on some information that I want to bring out into a proper post. It's about anti nausea medication.

I did not realise that the chemo might be making Sooty feel sick and even if she is hungry she might not feel like eating. There is medication that helps ease this. I was not aware of this and I am going to ask our vet about it tomorrow when I take Sooty in for her blood test.

I quote SelenaK, but I am sure she will be the very VERY first to say, consult your own vet as the person 'on the ground' is the best person to advise on individual cat health - never ever EVER rely on the internet for final advice - only help in understanding what is happening.

"She may want to ask about an antinausea medication, sometimes a decrease in appetite can be a sign of nausea. Cerenia is an excellent choice and in small kitties may need to be compounded. Another option (although we've never really seen it not help) is Zofran or Reglan, if there is a component of decreased GI motitily because of the location of the cancer. We normally recommend the Cerenia every 24 hours for a minimum of 2 doses. This medication may be dosed longer, but if you reach the 5 day mark, take 2 days off before restarting. (If needed one of the other meds maybe used during this time.)"


Friday 5th April report

05 June, 2009

After a couple of quiet days Sooty thrilled us today by coming almost to the front door.

If I explain that for most of her adult life Sooty has been a natural greeter - meeting Paul or myself at the front door when we get home you may understand how important this is. The fact she stopped doing it was one of the factors that prodded us into a vet visit.

We still have to coax her to eat (raw chicken is still the firm favourite) but she now feels well enough to show interest in the rhythms of home life.

This is progress.

Finally, thanks very much to everyone for letting us know the posting IS working. All your messages have been passed along to Sooty and she passes a gentle * nosetap * to those kitties that enquire about her health.


Posting now working at The Sooty Diaries!

04 June, 2009

Thanks to Twitter anipal @HotMBC I am now able to accept comments for Sooty - Thank you! Apparently, you have to have comments set to 'open in new page' or set to 'pop up'. Once I changed this @HotMBC tried and was successful in making a comment. So, we are now open for business.

UPDATE - Sooty 4th June 2009.

Sooty has eaten today chicken and a little bit of mince, not huge amounts as I think she is going through a low patch after being bright. She heads out for a blood test Monday 8 a.m. It is sunny but she has not wanted to go outside.


Posting Comments

03 June, 2009

I have had a few people mention that they could not leave comments. I have tried to rectify this so if you come by try again. If it doesn't I will have to look further but give it a go, I always tell Sooty if anyone wishes her luck, pass on *nosetaps * and generally keep her up to date.

If you can't leave a message add a comment to the latest post here on my own blog.


Sooty in the sun!

Not sure if this is a red letter day but Sooty has spent an hour in the sun, and enjoyed going outside to the toilet rather than using a litter tray.  The weather has been poor these past days but today it was awesome and I had the doors open so she enjoyed it.  

I took the chance to wash her blanket as she does smell rather chemically but I don't care, she is our Sooty and she is still here.

Blood test monday 8 a.m. to see of blood count is keeping healthy.


First Chemo Update - 4 days on 3 weeks off

TODAY:- Sooty is OK, her spark is taking a bit of a dip and I think the chemo has something to do with it. She ate some mince and some raw chicken - no she won't eat it cooked - believe it I cooked free-range chicken and STILL she won't eat it.

We have been persistent and now she eats a bit.

I aim to publish links to some of the information I found thanks to friends on the net but the one thing I will say RIGHT NOW is - if your cat is diagnosed with lumps like Sooty was - GET A REFERRAL. Thanks to the persistence of two particular people, to whom I am profoundly grateful, Crochetkitten who has a kitty blog, and @WineCountryDog (from Twitter) I found I COULD have Sooty referred.

This had not occurred to me!! PLEASE remember that there is treatment!!