Post Chemo Report 2nd Chemo

25 June, 2009


Sooty finished her second round of chemo and after a couple of days give us a difficult night - she could not settle, was absolutely everywhere, up, down, on, under, in.... Until Paul went nuts and I put her in the second bedroom with a clean litter tray, fresh good and some water.

The following day, both of us half-dead with fatigue, struggled through work and home for an early night. We found Sooty much perkier, still subdued but ready to eat heaps of gracy, some meat and two whole prawns an inch or more long apiece.

Conclusion on Chemo : Two days after she stops the round she becomes very uncomfortable. We must be prepared for this next round. The anti nausea tablets take a while to kick in but are a big help and not feeding Sooty for some hours means she is hungry enough to polish off food with the steroid tablet in it.

3 Responses to "Post Chemo Report 2nd Chemo"

The Creek Cats Says:

So glad to hear Sooty was perkier and is eating!!!

Mishkat Says:

Poor Sooty (and poor humans!) I'm glad she is feeling a bit better now. Chemo is difficult for anyone.

Still sending many purrs!

Meghann LittleStudioPhotographyAndJewellery Says:

Get well soon Sooty!