Back from the Vet - FInal Report for the Day

08 June, 2009

We now have MAXOLON - 1/4 to 1/2 tablet 1x or 2x per day as needed. This is an anti-nausea tablet which should help Sooty eat without feeling sick on days she is feeling low. Thank You to SelenaK for mentioning this. I asked the vet and I received.

REMEMBER : Chemo Cats might feel nauseous and, though hungry from the steriods, not feel like eating. Ask about anti-nausea medication when you are given the chemo tablets for your cat.

Sooty has come home and eaten some tuna in juice and SOME DRIED which she hasn't eaten for weeks now. [OK updated three hours later after it seems Sooty has hardly stopped eating.]
Her results go to Dr Acke at Massey University for her review/opinion/etc., and she will consider if any changes need to be made to the medication.

2 Responses to "Back from the Vet - FInal Report for the Day"

Anonymous Says:

Wonderful! I'll let our oncology tech know her suggestion helped--she'll be pleased. Oh--and we have a house full of furbabies sending nuzzles your way. :)

The Creek Cats Says:

We are glad to hear you have something for the nausea! Cal used to take Metoclopramide for his nausea.
So glad to hear that Sooty is eating! Hope the review with the vet goes very well!!