Anti Nausea Medication

07 June, 2009

I don't expect you to read all the comments on the posts, so you might not have seen the one from SelenaK below where she passes on some information that I want to bring out into a proper post. It's about anti nausea medication.

I did not realise that the chemo might be making Sooty feel sick and even if she is hungry she might not feel like eating. There is medication that helps ease this. I was not aware of this and I am going to ask our vet about it tomorrow when I take Sooty in for her blood test.

I quote SelenaK, but I am sure she will be the very VERY first to say, consult your own vet as the person 'on the ground' is the best person to advise on individual cat health - never ever EVER rely on the internet for final advice - only help in understanding what is happening.

"She may want to ask about an antinausea medication, sometimes a decrease in appetite can be a sign of nausea. Cerenia is an excellent choice and in small kitties may need to be compounded. Another option (although we've never really seen it not help) is Zofran or Reglan, if there is a component of decreased GI motitily because of the location of the cancer. We normally recommend the Cerenia every 24 hours for a minimum of 2 doses. This medication may be dosed longer, but if you reach the 5 day mark, take 2 days off before restarting. (If needed one of the other meds maybe used during this time.)"

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