Friday 5th April report

05 June, 2009

After a couple of quiet days Sooty thrilled us today by coming almost to the front door.

If I explain that for most of her adult life Sooty has been a natural greeter - meeting Paul or myself at the front door when we get home you may understand how important this is. The fact she stopped doing it was one of the factors that prodded us into a vet visit.

We still have to coax her to eat (raw chicken is still the firm favourite) but she now feels well enough to show interest in the rhythms of home life.

This is progress.

Finally, thanks very much to everyone for letting us know the posting IS working. All your messages have been passed along to Sooty and she passes a gentle * nosetap * to those kitties that enquire about her health.

3 Responses to "Friday 5th April report"

Meghann Says:

I'm glad she is feeling a little better :)
I added her to my prayer list: http://littlestudio.ca/Prayer%20List.html
Have a great weekend!

The Creek Cats Says:

We are so happy to hear of the progress. Hopefully soon, Sooty will make it all the way to the door again.
We are sending you healing vibes, Sooty!

Selena K Says:

Our lead oncology technician asked me to pass this information along to you:

"She may want to ask about an antinausea medication, sometimes a decrease in appetite can be a sign of nausea. Cerenia is an excellent choice and in small kitties may need to be compounded. Another option (although we've never really seen it not help) is Zofran or Reglan, if there is a component of decreased GI motitily because of the location of the cancer. We normally recommend the Cerenia every 24 hours for a minimum of 2 doses. This medication may be dosed longer, but if you reach the 5 day mark, take 2 days off before restarting. (If needed one of the other meds maybe used during this time.) Good luck."