Eating improvement and Blood Test results

12 June, 2009

Sooty's blood test results came back from the vet (and he has also sent them to Dr Acke at Massey Veterinary Hospital). Sooty's white blood cell count has taken a bit of a beating but, so far, we have not heard from Dr Acke that we should change our regime of chemo therapy - so we now keep going. This result was not unexpected, from my previous reading on Lymphoma, so is not a shock or anything.

This aside Sooty in progressing in leaps and bounds. She woke us up at 5 a.m. wanting love and cuddles (oh Joy, I know. I know but I was too happy to worry about it being 5 a.m.) and she now comes all the way to the door which is just totally thrilling after her previous low periods. The anti-nausea medicine (only 1/2 a tablet has been given so far) has improved her appetite and today we ate chicken (raw) 'Oh So Fishy' sachet and a bit of gravy from Fancy Feast.

I won't say she is filling out but she is not the ghostly little figure we took to Massey. Each day is still a blessing.

2 Responses to "Eating improvement and Blood Test results"

The Creek Cats Says:

This is good news! We are happy to hear Sooty is progressing in a good way! We purray this trend continues!

Meghann Says:

I'm glad to hear she is eating more, that is great news :)