9 April - Report and Washington DC appeal

09 June, 2009

OK so Sooty came out and grazed a bit on some food already out - and has now gone back to her billet in the airing cupboard (where stuff is put to warm). Advantages - the airing cypboard is warm and cosy and I can leave her food on the shelf. Disadvantages - I can't give an anti nausea tablet without great difficulty, unless she takes a bit of mince.

OK I go with the mince.

Secondly : I would like to pass on an appeal from SelenaK in connection with some rescue kittens.

Now I would not usually do this as this blog is a record of Sooty's progress against lymphoma BUT SelenaK has been one of the main forces in getting Sooty into the best care and medication and I wish to repay her kindness is some way.

If you are in the WASHINGTON DC area and can help care for some FIV kittens please read this. It is a personal appeal by SelenaK not an organisation.

If you are able to Cross Post this to possible people who might help - please do.

5 Responses to "9 April - Report and Washington DC appeal"

Anonymous Says:

Thank you again Marjorie! Every kitty deserves a chance, including Sooty and the kittens. If we don't help them, who will? ;)

Meghann Says:

I am praying for you Sooty!

Mishkat Says:

I'm wishing Selena K all the best in finding a foster home! We had a kitten in a similar situation, and he tested negative the second time, so I know it's quite probable.

Also, sending purrs and good thoughts to Sooty.

The Creek Cats Says:

I don't know if you have access to Greenie's Pill Pockets, but they were a lifesaver when I had to give Cal his steriods and other meds. He actually loved them and thought they were treats!

Anonymous Says:

Just thought I'd let you know, the kittens tested NEGATIVE for FIV yesterday, and I have potential homes for all three of them! Thank you so much for your concern and help getting the word out about them.