Worried about Sooty

10 July, 2009

Sooty has been losing some weight and is being very quiet and subdued.

I can hear she still has that raspy breathing sound a bit, although not as bad as it was. I have been vascillating about the vet but after SelenaK's comment I am going to make a vet appointment. I'm just so afraid she won't come back from the vet this time.

Yesterday when Paul came home and we sat down to supper Sooty came up and was talking loudly to him, not me, to Paul. She ate a bit of mince after her chemo tablet Paul can't understand what she is saying. Is it Marjorie's driving me nuts or I don't feel well, or I'm hungry.

I don't want her to suffer but if there is hope I don't want to let her go. I just WISH I was more familiar with cats and how they work and what might/could happen.

6 Responses to "Worried about Sooty"

Mishkat Says:

Marjorie, I wish I could give you some advice, but I've never dealt with feline cancer. I think Selena's suggestion was very good. The one thing I can tell you that when I went through my two older cat's terminal illnesses, I never regretted calling the vet. I do regret a few times that I didn't call sooner.

I know it's hard to subject cats to all those vet visits though!

Love and (((hugs))) and many purrs to Sooty and the other kitties.

Meghann LittleStudio Says:

Poor Sooty, i am praying for you and she daily :)

The Creek Cats Says:

We're sending lots and lots of healing vibes and (((HUGS)))
We purray Sooty will get through this.

Anonymous Says:

I don't think she's at the point where she won't come back yet--not if she's still got that old spark. At least I hope not. We'll keep you in our prayers!

Vania Says:

Poor little Sooty - as long as she is eating that is an excellent sign! Trust your vet - please give Sooty a big cuddle for me!

Your Daily Cute Says:

She looks gorgeous and comfortable. :)

I'll be sending healing and happy vibes you and Sooty's way. The vet is a good idea -- she'll come back, and you'll know what's going on with her a little better.