Bad Weather

09 July, 2009

It is very very cold here. Colder than we have ever been. As a result Sooty has come down with a sniffle and a dry raspy cough. It is not severe but she sounds 'coldy' and is causing us a bit of worry.

Her blood test was slightly better but she is going through one of periodic troughs of poor health. She has lost some weight but has just eaten a good handful of minced pork including a bit with her dially steroid hidden in it. (Yes!!).

I am busy with my doll making but keep the fire on and Sooty is resting on the back of the sofa. She did come to the door and meet me when I returned from my doll hair shopping so the vital spark is still there. It's just so bloody cold here and we are barely into winter. The frustration is immense, it is not usually this cold for so long.

Today we start Chemo 3, so she will take a dip again. I just hope Sooty can hang in there for us, I want her to see another Spring, to see her out in the warm sun.

2 Responses to "Bad Weather"

Anonymous Says:

Keep an eye on those cold symptoms. I spoke with our oncology tech and she's concerned Sooty may have a virus that flared up because her immune system is depressed from the chemo, but she may need to be on antibiotics to keep her from developing pneumonia. The other alternative is that the lymphoma is spreading to her chest, which would make her develop a cough, but the only way to rule that out would be to take x-rays of the chest. It would probably be a good idea to call your vet to see if they recommend antibiotics or x-rays.

I'm sorry I don't have any better news for you. Hopefully it's just a cold virus. *hugs*

The Creek Cats Says:

Sending sooty healing vibes for her sniffles and cough!