14 July, 2009

Yesterday late afternoon I was trying to stuff some doll pins but kept going over to the window that looks over Stokes Valley. For some reason I did not want to let the light go, it was the last bright and lovely day our Sooty had.

Paul suggested we go outside to watch the light go from there, so we did. We put on coats and hats as its very cold here at the moment and spent, Oh I don't know how long, just stood outside on our front steps looking over the Valley and watching the light fade. I lost count of the number of times I said goodbye and God Bless to our Sooty but I kept saying it. We kept remembering all the fun and silly things she used to do too.

Dash Kitten, who had stayed close to Sooty at one stage during her illness was scampering around out the front with us, playing with Isabell who lives next door - they did gentle chasing and fooling around - they played.

Suddenly Dash seemed to disappear, we couldn't find him. Then he appeared around the side of the house carrying something. I bent down to examine it, Paul thought it was a leaf to start with but, it turned out Dash had brought us one of his little fluffy mice from indoors. I wonder if he sensed our grief and wanted to bring us a gift for Sooty. Sooty will have the little mouse placed with her Rimu wood urn when it returns from the funeral place later this week.

8 Responses to "Vigil"

Mishkat Says:

This is a lovely, beautiful post and it made me cry. I can completely understand your feeling about not wanting to let the light go yesterday.

And I think Dash almost certainly senses what you are feeling - what a sweetheart he is.

((((hugs and purrs))) from Katie and the cats

The Creek Cats Says:

We believe Dash brought you though mouse as a gift to sweet Sooty. We are still sending you comforting purrs.

Poppy Q Says:

I am sure that Sooty is still around you, be kind to yourself as it is so hard to say goodbye.

Hugs to you all.

Kaz's Cats Says:

That was so cute of Dash to bring the mouse outside to you. It's never easy saying goodbye to our furry furriends, and it's okay to not want to let go. Please accept our condolences on your sad loss,


Karen (Mum) with Gypsy & Tasha

Audrey Says:

Beautiful post! It is so hard to loose a beloved pet.

Karen Jo Says:

You wrote a lovely post. I can certainly understand your not wanting to let the light go. I am sure that Dash sensed what you were feeling and brought you the mouse for Sooty. It is so hard to let go.

Jan's Funny Farm Says:

We read about your Sooty on Karen Jo's blog. We are sorry for your loss. Sooty sounds like she was a lovely and lively kitty. And we know you miss her very much!

Purrs and tail wags.

Jan's Funny Farm Says:

Thank you for coming by our blog and leaving a nice comment about the loss of our Crystal. Yes, the passing of a loved one is always painful.