Settling into a rhythm

06 July, 2009

As time goes on, I find that both we, and Sooty, are settling into a daily rhythm of ups and downs. Morning times Sooty is HUNGRY (steroids) so she is perky alert and responsive. Then she subsides into quietness and has lately taken to sharing Casper the Guinea Pig's cage - he is fine as long as he has lettuce LOL!

Mid-morning Sooty is hungry again so has a top up, then rests and so, on throughout the day. Then come evening time she is perky enough to scamper (literally) at high speed to the door to greet Paul - to say he was thrilled is an understatement.

She is still very thin, and the vet says she will never put on huge amounts of weight but she is still very much 'our Sooty' so we are happy. Oh, and Good News on the holiday front. We had a meet and greet with the pet sitter who will be giving Sooty her chemo for a couple of the days we are away in Auckland.

Recommended by our vet, the man (and his wife) appear to be competent and nice people. Tony took detailed notes about who likes what to eat, their routine, what Sooty's medication was and when it was administered. Where all the food is etc., etc., he regularly walks other dogs, feeds cats, can administer cytotoxic tables without panicking.

I feel much happier about going away for a few days now.

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Morris Says:

I am so very happy that Sooty is still herself! And I am giggling at her sharing the guinea-piggy's cage, MOL!