Blood Test Report - post 2nd Chemo

03 July, 2009

I rang the veterinary surgery and was told that Sooty shows a small improvement!

Yes, she is still ill, but this shows the chemo may be having some kind of effect. We have also found someone who will be able to give Sooty her Leukeran while we take a short trip away. Paul's birthday celebration is a visit to see Mandy Patinkin and Patti Lupone in Auckland then come back on the Overlander.

So happy.

3 Responses to "Blood Test Report - post 2nd Chemo"

Anonymous Says:

Wonderful! She looks so beautiful sitting by the window. I'm glad you got some good news!

Mishkat Says:

Very happy to hear this! Big purrs to Sooty (and we hope Paul has a wonderful birthday!)

The Creek Cats Says:

We are so so happy to hear there is improvement!