19 May, 2009

This is my beautiful beautiful girl - Sooty.

Our beloved Sooty is very ill. A month ago she had blood tests that did not show any prblems but rapid weight loss led us to return to the vet. He said Sooty has cancer and, as she is not a young cat, that it would be very risky to operate and she might die sooner. She is only 13.

I am just too upset for words.

Sooty has blossomed since we came to New Zealand, and loves it here, she has come out of her shell, become an even more fun and loving cat, loving the sunshine and enjoying the garden. But she is getting thinner and thinner and doesn’t look well.

I am going to cut back on blog posts for a while, I will let everyone know when my Handmade News articles go up (I can cry all over my keyboard in the privacy of my own home) and put up a message or two on Twitter from time to time but beyond that I just don’t feel it is appropriate to bounce around like a lunatic while she is ill.

I love her very much - please say prayers or healing rituals or whatver you do.


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