Hospital Update on Sooty - Results

26 May, 2009


So, the phone call from the hospital has come, and the news is bad. Sooty has lymphoma. It may be in several places (large/small intestine).

Options are steroids and chemo. Will discuss face to face with vet on Wednesday - we don't wand Sooty to suffer. Maybe by then I will have stopped shaking and crying.


We have left Sooty as the Massey Veterinary Hospital for tests, an ultrasound and possible biopsy.

Sooty was sparkier than ever this a.m. when we got up. Demanding more of the mince she had munched down the previous evening after her prawn, but on a nil by mouth instruction we had to take some mince along to give her 'when we came out'.

We had an examination with a final year student first off, then the Consultant. Both ladies I was thrilled to see. I had been worried we would have a gruff chap (not that they are unfeeling but the state I'm in anything could set me off...). They said there were several options possible depending on what the tumour in Sooty is (e.g. chemo, possible operation) and we will find out when they ring this evening.

We left the mince with the hospital (in their fridge) and have driven home. We were both were exhausted when we got home so slept for 1.5 hours now are up for an evening meal awaiting the telephone call. I will update this message when I know more.

It hit me like a hammer on the way home that without the suggestion of SelenaK in particular (who works in veterinary medicine), my friend Pam Beirne, and others experienced at this kind of thing (Tx @winecountrydog), I would not be doing this and fighting Sooty's corner as I would not have realised I had the option. I am SO grateful for the support.

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